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About-2015 Mr.Surender kumar as a small distributor and developed the relations with music company’s and became the distributor of those companies like Tips, T-series, Time music etc. In 2015 Mr.Surender kumar started a partnership firm with Mrs. sangeeta (neetu sharma). MG Records Managing Director SURENDER KUMAR states, “Our main objective is to launch quality and standardised music with the best artistes and quality available for music lovers” . Our first hits delivered by the label in 2015 was the solo single track chadd ke singer leena.

MG Records is a professional audio recording and music production facility located in Karnal. It features outstanding control and recording rooms. The sound quality offered is pristine and our team strives for sonic excellence. The studio has been designed to give artists and audio talent a relaxed and comfortable environment so that they can be at their creative best.

We offer customized video & audio production services to its corporate, business and broadcast customers . We creates effective video & audio production that deliver the best amongest the audience. Each production video is custom made and suited to the exacting needs of our customers.

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